Retirement Plan Services

Focused on solutions

There are a lot of things to think about when you offer a retirement plan. Let us focus on finding solutions to meet your needs and help your employees. 

Resources Investment Advisors implements a seamless approach in managing and advising on retirement plans ranging from start-ups to plans with over $1 Billion in plan assets. While our client base varies widely it is our service model that never changes. There will be multiple team members working on your plan depending on the need but you will always have a single contact person. We have team members that specialize in many areas from conversions, education strategies, to investment reviews and fund monitoring, plan design, and outcomes planning. This gives you the support you want in each area that impacts your retirement plan.

As an independent RIA consulting firm dedicated solely to the retirement plan market, we serve as an ERISA 3(21) Investment Advisor or 3(38) Investment Manager. We will provide insight into policy development, fund menu design, monitoring performance, group education and individualized participant advice. As a 3(38) we would assume liability associated with the selection, implementation, and monitoring of the investments in your plan.

Our involvement and advocacy in the industry will keep you informed of the latest regulatory changes that will impact your plan. Improve Retirement Outcomes
When meeting with employees about your retirement plan, our main goal is to focus on answering 3 important questions: 

  1. How much do they need to save, 
  2. where should they invest their money and 
  3. when can they retire?  

Employees are often more willing to participate when they understand the importance of saving and what the plan can specifically do for them.

Pension Investment Services, LLC utilizes a strategic approach to help clients manage all aspects of their retirement plan.

Step 1 is to determine the Goals & Objectives of the plan, then review current performance against those goals.

Step 2 is to  benchmark your current plan versus alternative platforms to determine competitiveness from an administrative, investment and cost effective standpoint.

Step 3 is to benchmark plan investments versus fund peers vs the universe of available funds.

Finally, we then establish a due diligence process to plan and document fiduciary control activities and responsibilities. Included in this process is a review of appropriate investment selection(s) to optimize asset allocation. As part of our plan implementation process, we develop an investment education program for your plan participants, treating education as a process rather than an event.

We offer the following services to our sponsored retirement plans.

On-going Plan Review

Review plan documents and help monitor for effective operation

  • Review plan fees and costs
  • Assist with review of plan document for changes in the regulatory environment
  • Benchmark plan service provider administrative services
  • Review plan design features for competitiveness within industry
  • Benchmark funds to peers 

Investment Review and Monitoring

  • Evaluate investment options
  • Compare investment options to benchmarks
  • Review investment management expenses
  • Analyze investment options for diversification
  • Consider appropriateness of investment options

Investment Policy Statement

  • Review and/or coordinate development of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitor adherence to the Investment Policy Statement
  • Consider changes to Investment Policy Statement, as needed

Participant Education and Communication

  • Review education and communication plan with committee and service provider
  • Suggest enhancements to participant education program and assist with implementation
  • Monitor education/communication program for effectiveness and make necessary changes based on results
  • Provide support with conducting employee meetings as necessary
  • Provide individual question & answer sessions and/or retirement planning education sessions for participants if requested/authorized by client

Provider Search

  • Appraise/review current plan vendor and fees
  • Develop bid specifications
  • Prepare a Request for Proposal
  • Conduct marketplace search
  • Review and analyze proposals
  • Provide vendor fee and service comparison
  • Prepare written analysis of vendors
  • Introduce alternative vendors, as needed
  • Assist with finalist interviews

Implementation – Installation of new plan or execution of changes

  • Consider plan enhancements
  • Review plan document with plan sponsor and vendor
  • Review employee communication and enrollment process
  • Review and/or coordinate development of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Coordinate conversion process
  • Orchestrate transfer of assets, plan, and participant records

Additional Services

  • Review roles and responsibilities of decision makers
  • Attend 401(k) committee meetings as requested
  • Help the committee facilitate their due diligence process, suggest enhancements and assist with documentation as requested
  • Assist human resources with day-to-day operational issues and provide administrative and problem resolution support
  • Provide pro-active client support via regular contact with plan administrator
  • Review merger, acquisition and divestiture activities
  • Provide annual plan review
  • Suggest guidelines for effective plan operation

Compliance and Legislative Support

  • Act as liaison with service provider and help plan sponsor with plan compliance procedures, i.e., non-discrimination testing, 5500 filings and plan amendments
  • Keep plan sponsor informed by providing updates regarding legislative changes that may affect the plan


Pension Services

At Pension Investment Services, LLC we can assist with the following: 


  • Traditional Defined Benefit Pensions
  • 412(e)(3) Fully Insured Pensions
  • Cash Balance Pension Plans
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Employer Match and Profit Sharing efficiency analysis
  • Plan Expense Benchmarking
  • Investment Expense & Performance Benchmarking
  • DOL 408(b)2 & 404(a)5 fee analysis & investment fiduciary review
  • Investment Advisory Services, IAR - as 3/21 or 3/38 Plan Investment Fiduciary    
  • Major Investment Platform Plans
  • Open Architecture Custom Plans
  • Bundled or Un-Bundled Administrative Support   
  • Simple IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA


  • Highly Qualifed Staff
    • Plan Actuaries
    • CPA’s
    • CLU,ChFC
    • coordinating ERISA Attorney
  • 35+ years experience


  • Investment Management
  • College 529 Plans
  • IRC 125 Plans
    • Premium Only
    • Full Option
  • Multiple QP funding Options
  • Employee Benefits
  • HR Support Services
  • 403 (b) Planning
  • Section 79 plans
  • Non Qualifed Deferred Compensation Plans

If you have any questions please email or call us at 509-455-3787 or 888-685-4123.