John Kapek, principal of Pension Investment Services (PINS) LLC, is affiliated with Resources Investment Advisors, Inc. of Leawood Kansas as his Registered Investment Advisor.  Resources Investment Advisors, Inc is an SEC registered RIA firm in business since 1968 and currently has 20+ affiliated employees and represents nearly $2 Billion dollars between Qualified Plans and individual Wealth Management Accounts. John Kapek & Vince Morris, Chief Compliance Officer and President of Bukaty Retirement Plan Services RIA, co-advise on  multi-state 401(k) plans reaching from Washington to North Carolina and  Puerto Rico.  Vince Morris is not affiliated with PINS.  Bukaty Retirement Plan Services is not affilaited with Triad Advisors.

How Are We Organized?

Our objective at PINS LLC is to work with with the highest quality vendors for each specific case.  We believe there are no "absolutes" - there are no best products for all cases, however some are clearly better than others.  The key to client satisfaction is to determine the precise needs and desires of our client - then help them find the most suitable product fitting that need.  We assist you in the search process.

For that reason, we prefer an open architecture or independent approach to matching clients to products whenever possible. We can coordinate with bundled platforms or unbundled administration including a variety of Third Party Administrators & Actuaries. We deal with most of the top rated plan providers but have access to virtually all of them. We can serve as a 3/21 or 3/38 Plan Fiduciary as is needed by each specific client.

In working with a plan we have 3 Pillars of Success  

Helping Clients as they seek to Protect their Quality of Life

  1. Help Plan Sponsors manage their Fiduciary Responsibilities and
  2. Seeking to maximize the client's fiduciary protection . . .
  3. with the goals of making the plan easier to administer and enhancing or creating better retirement outcomes for their employees. 

Pension Investment Services,LLC (PINS)
Qualified Plan Sales, Marketing & Investments 
Traditional & 412(i) Defined Benefit Plans, 
Individual Wealth Management,         

Pension / Profit Sharing / 401(k) Plans
John F Kapek, CLU ChFC PPC


We bring industry “best practices” to our clients and further our industry knowledge through affiliation with a number of industry organizations

Pension Investment Services, LLC - “PINS”

  • Plan Analysis & Design Assistance, Sales & Service
    • Defined Benefit Pension Plans
      • Traditional DB Pension Plan
      • 412(i) Pension Plan
      • Cash Balance Plans 
    • Profit Sharing Plans
      • Safe Harbor or Traditional
      • Age Weighted
      • Cross Tested
      • Super New Comparability
  • Assist in identifying investment options in connection with the broad range requirement of 404(c)
  • Plan expense Benchmarking
  • Investment performance & expense Benchmarking
  • Plan design efficiency analysis
  • Plan documents and pre-sales analysis with coordinating support of
    • ERISA Attorney