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PINS - Retirement Services

Pension Investment Services, LLC utilizes a strategic approach to help clients manage all aspects of their retirement plan.

Step 1 is to determine the Goals & Objectives of the plan, then review current performance against those goals.

Step 2 is to  benchmark your current plan versus alternative platforms to determine competitiveness from an administrative, investment and cost effective standpoint.

Step 3 is to benchmark plan investments versus fund peers vs the universe of available funds.

Finally, we then establish a due diligence process to plan and document fiduciary control activities and responsibilities. Included in this process is a review of appropriate investment selection(s) to optimize asset allocation. As part of our plan implementation process, we develop an investment education program for your plan participants, treating education as a process rather than an event.

We offer the following services to our sponsored retirement plans.

On-going Plan Review

Review plan documents and help monitor for effective operation

  • Review plan fees and costs
  • Assist with review of plan document for changes in the regulatory environment
  • Benchmark plan service provider administrative services
  • Review plan design features for competitiveness within industry
  • Benchmark funds to peers 

Investment Review and Monitoring

  • Evaluate investment options
  • Compare investment options to benchmarks
  • Review investment management expenses
  • Analyze investment options for diversification
  • Consider appropriateness of investment options

Investment Policy Statement

  • Review and/or coordinate development of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitor adherence to the Investment Policy Statement
  • Consider changes to Investment Policy Statement, as needed

Participant Education and Communication

  • Review education and communication plan with committee and service provider
  • Suggest enhancements to participant education program and assist with implementation
  • Monitor education/communication program for effectiveness and make necessary changes based on results
  • Provide support with conducting employee meetings as necessary
  • Provide individual question & answer sessions and/or retirement planning education sessions for participants if requested/authorized by client

Provider Search

  • Appraise/review current plan vendor and fees
  • Develop bid specifications
  • Prepare a Request for Proposal
  • Conduct marketplace search
  • Review and analyze proposals
  • Provide vendor fee and service comparison
  • Prepare written analysis of vendors
  • Introduce alternative vendors, as needed
  • Assist with finalist interviews

Implementation – Installation of new plan or execution of changes

  • Consider plan enhancements
  • Review plan document with plan sponsor and vendor
  • Review employee communication and enrollment process
  • Review and/or coordinate development of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Coordinate conversion process
  • Orchestrate transfer of assets, plan, and participant records

Additional Services

  • Review roles and responsibilities of decision makers
  • Attend 401(k) committee meetings as requested
  • Help the committee facilitate their due diligence process, suggest enhancements and assist with documentation as requested
  • Assist human resources with day-to-day operational issues and provide administrative and problem resolution support
  • Provide pro-active client support via regular contact with plan administrator
  • Review merger, acquisition and divestiture activities
  • Provide annual plan review
  • Suggest guidelines for effective plan operation

Compliance and Legislative Support

  • Act as liaison with service provider and help plan sponsor with plan compliance procedures, i.e., non-discrimination testing, 5500 filings and plan amendments
  • Keep plan sponsor informed by providing updates regarding legislative changes that may affect the plan